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Monday, May 20, 2013

My Summer Reading List...

Along with writing, reading is as equally important. I've composed a short reading list of some of my favorite YA authors and some new authors I haven't checked out yet, but I'm putting on my wish list for this summer of must reads. What's yours?

1.) Stephanie Lawton's: Shrapnel
2.) Bette Maybee's: Phoenix: The Rising

3.) Melissa de la Cruz's: Gates of Paradise

4.) Erin Butler's: Blood Hex
5.) S.X. Bradley's: Unraveled
6.) Pittacus Lore's: The Fall Of Five
7.) P.E. Cunningham's: Slayer For Hire
8.) Cassandra Clare's: City of Fallen Angels
9.) Christine Klocek-Lim's: Disintegrate
10.) Sylah Sloan's: Elysium