Evernight Teen Publishing

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Announcing Release Date For Black Amaranth: August 16, 2013.

I'll have to postpone my next installment of Awesome YA Female Characters for a while in anticipation of my own YA Fiction novel, Black Amaranth, book one in The Vulcan Legacies series. I'm excited to begin gushing about my own work which will be very soon. I cannot wait to share some teasers with my audience and a cover reveal. I do have to pause and give a shout out to my editor, JS Cook of Evernight Teen, for all the wonderful compliments, editorial suggestions, and the inflated head I'm now sporting these days. This has been a dream for such a long time, it's hard to believe that in a few short days, it will actually be realized. I think of yesterday and the moment I knew I wanted to be an author. I think of today and the excitement that my dream has been fulfilled. And I think of tomorrow and the future installments of a story that started so long ago with only an idea, a supportive husband and an HP Laptop that my sister bought for me. Stay tuned for details, in the very near future I will be giving away some cool prizes in celebration of my release!