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Friday, September 13, 2013

Review of Black Amaranth From: Out There Reviews and Stuff:

This is always exciting to hear!

My Review: Full of intrigue, magic, and mythology from everywhere, Black Amaranth is an enchanting spell itself.

Sasha has managed to create a beautiful story full of interesting characters and a storyline to match. The outcome will leave you breathless and wanting Book 2 in your hands now.

From the start, Black Amaranth pulls you in by jumping right into story. It all starts with Ally's uncle not showing up for graduation and Ally and her bests friends doing something so uncharacteristic that it puts a smile on your face at the defiance. From there, you are catapulted into the incredible world Sasha has created and taken along on the adventure of Ally finding out who she is.

Black Amaranth is definitely a good read and I can not wait for Book 2.