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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suddenly Shifter Blog Hop!

Oh that's a pretty button! Okay, so going on from March 21st-28th, 2014, awesome host, Herding Cats & Burning Soup is bringing you the Seriously Shifter Giveaway Blog Hop!

Look at the bottom of this post for the next stop. This hop has 60 participants giving away all kinds of prizes including gift cards, books, swag...

I love a good blog hop and in less than a year I have given away signed copies and ecopies of both my YA novels, Amazon Gift cards, Evernight Teen Publishing (the awesomest YA publisher ever!) gift cards...So...hmm...what shall I give away this time?

I'm thinking a $10.00 gift card to Evernight Teen.

I love supernatural, paranormal, shifters, immortals, vampires, werewolves, succubus', fairies...you name it! I love it! I love them all! There are too many wonderful novels out in both Adult and YA genres that contain a shifter element, to name. Heck, my 2 novels (Black Amaranth and Black Abaddon) do.

What are some of your favorite novels that have shifters in them?

In order to win the gift card I'm giving away (and who knows, perhaps I'll Kindle gift a few hoppers my novels) please do the following:

1.) Sign up on my blog, go to the "Join this site" tab/button on the right of this screen, and sign up.

2.) Leave me a comment with an email address that I can reach you at if you're a winner.

Just a side note: I'm always happy to see folks hopping along and people truly do win these great prizes. In the last year that I've been doing these, there have been several folks not sign up on my blog and or they don't leave me a way to get in touch with them if they win. The 2 instructions above, is all you have to do. I promise it's easy!

Enjoy and go to the next stop here: Next stop here