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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4.5 Star review for THE WHITE LIST by Nina D'Aleo

Author: Nina D'Aleo
Publisher: Momentum Publishing
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Length: 251 pages
Format: eBook

Book Description:

Chapter 11 is watching you.

Silver is an intelligence operative working for an agency that doesn't officially exist—beyond any government and above the law. Chapter 11 is the kind of place a person can join but never leave. And it keeps a third of the world's population under constant surveillance. At work. On the street. In their homes.

Why? Because of Shaman syndrome.

One in three people are born with Shaman syndrome, which endows them with abilities they cannot control and do not even know they have. It is Chapter 11's responsibility to cap and surveil these walts—as they are known—to ensure their talents don't turn ugly for the ordinary people around them.

After Silver's partner, Dark, is seriously injured by a walt, Silver is driven to investigate. What starts as a routine investigation isn't as clear-cut as it seems, especially when she discovers there's a price on her head.

Chapter 11 might be watching the world, but it can't see the division in its own ranks. Someone wants the white list—the list of every known walt that Chapter 11 has capped—but for what purpose? Silver needs to find out the secret behind Shaman syndrome, before it's too late.

My Review: 4.5 stars out of 5

*This novel was provided to be from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

The White List by Nina D’Aleo was an intense action packed novel that kept me turning pages eagerly anticipating the next move in a dangerously plotted game of chess.

The White list introduces us to an entertaining cast of memorable characters, the main being female lead, Silvia, also know by her code-name Silver.

Silver and her agent partner, Dark, are responsible for finding and dealing with “walts”. Protocol calls for elimination of these “walts” (who also have the genetic disorder named Shaman syndrome) in the event the agents cannot successfully contain them. Silver and Dark have always been successful with “containing” those individuals who have Shaman Syndrome…until one gets out of hand…

The beginning of The White List takes some time to develop, however any novel thought out in this detail cannot be a rushed thing, but something that takes time to develop so it can be savored. We start off with Silver deliberating her choices in life and the consequences that comes with working for an agency that doesn't exist to the public, i.e. marriage, children, spouse, etc.

After this initial introduction into Silver’s head, The White List really picks up speed. Silver begins to doubt the agency she works for and in breaking out on her own investigation soon she finds a bounty has been placed on her own head.  What is it they don’t want her to find out? Hmmm? I love some good suspense and The White List is filled with it!  

Twists and turns abound in The White List. Who to trust? What is Chapter 11? Who is the enemy? Overall, I truly enjoyed The White List by Nina D’Aleo and would recommend this novel to any fan of suspense, action or just good writing!

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