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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Black Atonement Blog Tour Kick-Off

Black Atonement (Vulcan Legacies # 3) is on tour now with Sizzling PR and YA Bound! 

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Black Atonement is the third in my YA series, the Vulcan Legacies published by Evernight Teen. It's near and dear to my heart and tells the story of two characters we first meet in book 1, Black Amaranth. This is Dave and Brandi's story. 

In the second book (Black Abaddon) I try and capture the pain involved with death and loss. It's very somber and while the second books deals primarily with Ally's losses, I couldn't let Dave and Brandi's story go untold. Dave's loses his soul-mate, Lucy, in a very tragic scene and at that moment, Brandi realizes what Dave has been to her this entire time: her soul-mate. Lucy's death sets off a chain of events for both Dave and Brandi. 

Their journey together is painful but rewarding in the end. Brandi and Dave grew up together and Brandi realizes that as a child she'd been so hurt by a previous atrocity, that she'd been blinded to the fact that Dave was her soul-mate and in front of her the entire time. The problem: Brandi was and is a bitch, and in this, she had never spared Dave. Of course when Brandi realizes who he is, she's faced with challenges she's not equip to deal with: being nice, opening up, allowing herself to be loved. It's a sad journey bringing these two together, allowing them to heal, to mend one another in a way that only true soul-mates can. 

In the past, I've been asked if real life events ever worked their way into my novels. I can honestly answer that while I was inspired by my husband's blacksmith storytelling, for the most part, my novels have always been based on a mix of my husbands rich storytelling about blacksmith lore and history and my own imagination. But the pain in this book was derived from the death of my brother and how one deals with death and how to go on. He's the North Star in this book. He's Brandi lingering on her mistakes and how to atone for them. He's Dave racked with pain over the death of Lucy. He's Brandi and Dave finding each other when all seems lost. He is the heart and soul of this book. 

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I hope you enjoy! 

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