Evernight Teen Publishing

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Signing a book deal never gets old....

I received word a week ago that my YA novel, Black Apocalypse, was going to be published with Evernight Teen. This is my fifth book deal with them and the thrill and excitement is as new today as it was when I first signed with them 2 years ago.

There is something magical about envisioning a novel, writing it, submitting, waiting, and waiting some more, and then the special moment when you check your inbox and there it is: "We would love to publish your novel."

It takes me back to when I was still out there searching, submitting, receiving requests for partials, then fulls, then the dreaded rejections that slowly trickled in after so many times of having been asked for the entire manuscript with positive feedback that still ultimately led to the disheartening rejection.

Those times will always stay with me. It keeps me humble and reminds me of how lucky I am two years later to now have 5 stories under my belt.

Here's to another 5, and here's leaving you with a preview of the last installment of my YA series, the Vulcan Legacies....