Evernight Teen Publishing

Monday, August 17, 2015


I'm so far behind I'm fairly certain I can see my own ass. Okay, venting out of the way... Loads of stuff coming up.

I've got a short story releasing this week alongside some fabulous authors. Our anthology, Summer Crush, is releasing on the 21st.

We're excited that it is being sold at a special pre-order price ($2.99) and it is going to be featured in USA Today's Happy Ever After section. How cool is that? Well for me, I'm going to bask in it... It is probably the closest I will ever come to USA Today anythingness :)

This week we are also hosting a Facebook release party. Prizes will be given out :)

And, I just received my first round of edits for the fourth and final book, Black Apocalypse, in my Vulcan Legacies series. Did you notice the new, shiny, beautiful cover added? I love it. What I do love so much right now is re-editing. It's...so not, well, fun. But it's necessary.

I'm also half way finished with my new YA Contemporary that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I cannot wait to unleash Mickey and Autumn upon you. I have to say, this might be my favorite yet!

And, no worries, the Vulcan Legacies are not completely done... Just the YA side of things. I'm going to write the rest of the stories adult style. When you introduce characters that are supposed to be hundreds of years old, I found myself struggling to tell their stories in a YA way. So what can you do? Well, write them for an adult audience. Which should be fun. It's something I've never done before. So we will see how all that turns out :) But there are some surprises in store, and I think you'll be able to tell whose book is next in the series at the finish of Black Apocalypse. *insert squeal* I'm super excited!

And, I'm still waiting to hear back from another publisher, but I'm hoping to have some more news in the near future... job wise. Crossing my fingers, please cross yours as well. Maybe enough crossed fingers will work?

Also I'll be posting some long overdue reviews shortly. Entangled Teen and Entangled has been kind enough to send me some fabulous ARC's to read and review over the last couple months. In the past week, I've read three: Own Me, Gamma Rift and Summer Marked. All three crazy good books!

Stay tuned!