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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dark Hunter Series=Hiatus

I have been on a reading hiatus. My sisters have begged and begged me to read The Dark Hunter series for well over a year now. 

I started by reading Fantasy Lover, which the author claims is not an official Dark Hunter novel. And please don't throw rotten cabbage at me you fellow Dark Hunter lovers, while Fantasy Lover wasn't terrible there was zero about it that inspired me to devote hours and hours of reading more about series. 

But my sisters kept nagging and nagging and nagging (love you girls and I'm glad you did). 

After release my last 2 novels, I felt I had a well deserved reading break coming my way, and so the madness began. 

I just finished Styxx last night (nearly a 900 page book) and I'm still in recovery mode. This series is the most intense, mind blowing, unique world of paranormal that I have ever read. In my entire life I don't think that I've binge read anything like this. Once you start, and get past (I would skip Fantasy Lover altogether) introductions and the setting up of things, you cannot stop. I recommend having a clear schedule. Do not proceed if you have important obligations, work, kids, other books you need to write... because you will neglect everything around you including your sleep. After finishing Styxx, I seriously feel like I need some kind of book rehab. 


This is hands down the best series I have ever read. 

So the point to this post is to apologize as neglecting your blog and writing things of your own falls into the category of if-you-read-the-Dark-Hunters-series-you-will-neglect-everything-around-you, etc. 

I've had my binge read, and now I'm bracing myself to get back on track with life.