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Monday, May 9, 2016

Currently ....

There are certain things a writer knows after extensive research, things, so to speak, that we will encounter along the way. I think we tell ourselves that we are the one writer out there that is impervious to some of these perils. But in the end, most of us are susceptible to the same crippling issues as our brothers and sisters.

  • Writers block 
  • Procrastination 
  • More writers block 
  • Useless email stalking 
  • Useless Twitter stalking 
  • Late night fantasies of getting the email or call 
This list could go on for a while. Adding more topics makes me cringe. The short of it is we all suffer from this to some degree. 

Since 2013, I've been pretty spot on with getting 2 books a year out there in the world. The trick for an author and writer is to stay productive (I think) and not allow so much time to elapse that you're no longer current. Or perhaps that is just my unnecessary fear. At May I find myself feeling way behind in this made up scenario where I have to get 2 books out there. I have nothing this year and it's almost half over. I've not reached panic level yet, but am trying to find new ways to avoid all the issues above .... and it's HARD. 

I will not go on a long rant here, but those of you reading my blog know (vaguely) that my current ms is under submission. I've had success in receiving what I feel is a significant amount of full requests from literary agents. Requests, not offers. At least to date. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled, but I'm also a.) nervous b.) terrified of the dreaded rejection/s I keep hoping will not land in my inbox and c.) due to things still being up in the air, I'm crippled in terms of productivity. 

The psyche of a submitting and hopeful writer is a strange and terrible thing. I've been painfully (it feels like 1 word a day vs. 1 chapter a day) working on another manuscript in the hopes it will keep me distracted from stalking my email and all those damn things that impede your ability to write without abandon. 

All authors know it's best to send off your manuscript once requested and get crackin' on your next novel to pass the time, stay productive and more importantly, in the event you do receive an offer and said offering agent asks about what you're currently working on you don't have that deer-in-the-headlights look. So why do we still throw our better judgement to the wind and waste valuable time? 

As a psyche nurse I'm going to analyze it by saying that the reason authors do this to themselves is because in order to move on to the next thing you have to have closure from the previous project. And as a nurse, I'm not entirely sure there is medication out there that can treat this nasty syndrome. 

I've not lost my mind entirely ... but I have decided to take up raising the cutest Lionhead bunny I've ever seen. 

While I continue to await the fate of my manuscript I will disclose some details of my current ms. It's set in Helvetia, one of the prettiest little corners on earth and it happens to only be 30 minutes from my house. It's a Swiss and German community and I find it to be the most charming place where old traditions are still upheld and tales of the past come alive. I LOVE it. So it's only natural that I have to write a YA Contemporary about it. 

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