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Monday, May 27, 2013

How To Convert A Non-believer Into A Reader

Evernight's marketing manager actually gave me a blog idea this morning. The authors group brainstormed on how to target non-readers. The first thing that ran through my head was me wearing a purple robe, going door-to-door handing out flash cards and spiked punch preaching to people that if they didn't read, they would suffer eternal damnation. Sorry...I guess I look at reading like a religion, but not to that extreme!

All jokes aside. How do you get someone to read when they've never been in the habit of it and say they don't have time? Evernight's marketing manager had a great idea: Introduce people to novels on the go, i.e. short stories. I kind of look at that idea as taking a baby-step in the right direction.
I happen to work with several gals and guys who have declared that they didn't have time to read or that they had never really thought about incorporating that kind of leisure activity into their daily lives. Stunned as I was, I took a deep breath and launched an immediate investigation. I found out that many of them were not aware of the many ways to enjoy a book: Kindle, Nook, Audio, iPhone, iPad, etc. After this discovery, my next step was to find out what movie genre/s most interested them. I figured the movie angle would provide some insight into what type of book would catch and keep their interest. Last step in the process was to introduce which novels best suited them and in which format. I kind of felt like the book version of Match.com. How would you introduce the world of reading to someone who doesn't read?