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Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's Your Ideal Writing Space?

Wow. I feel like I've ran a marathon. My bedroom (sadly) has not seen the light of day in about ten years. I'm cringing now that my skeleton's out of the closet....Literally! I'm sure my husband didn't believe me when I embarked on my Mr. Clean journey. I say this because I asked if I cleaned my bedroom up, would he in return "fix-up" a writing nook for me. He smiled coyly, and said "yes." Oh yea of little faith...ba ha ha ha!
Here's a before:
Here's the after:
Just kidding! Except not with you, Mr. Husband...I DO expect a writing desk, at a minimum! I had never really thought of what kind of writing space I would like to have until I received my lovely email informing me my novel was accepted for publication. I had always used whatever kitchen table was available at the time and prayed my kids juice pouches and chocolate milk would keep a safe distance. So, while the above picture would be great, I'll settle for a corner in my tiny bedroom vs. a cluttered section on my kitchen table where I have to fend off my children's inability to stay away from my laptop while dangerously swaying near me with cups full of death-to-a-computer juice. What's your ideal writing space?