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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swoon-Worthy Male Characters

I'll start off by re-capping one of my previous posts. Essentially one of the biggest attractions of reading is falling in love with the leading male. We empathize with them, we cheer for them, we love them!
Mr. Darcy-At first (like every reader) I thought Mr. Darcy was such a jerk! I'm mean come on, Mr. I'm-better-than-you.Could this guy get any snobbier? Mr. Darcy with his nose stuck in the air, look at all my shiny things and Elizabeth being only tolerable. How in the world could such an arrogant man be so swoon-worthy?
Exhibit A: He was shy. Exhibit B: In need of humbling. Exhibit C: He was the kindest master to his servants (shocking, I know). Exhibit D: He not only saved Elizabeth and her family from loud-mouthed, embarrassing Lydia's elopement and the disgrace it would've cost, but Mr. Darcy did it in silence. I'm near fainting from delight! I love it when we (the reader) have someone pegged entirely wrong.
Mr. Rochester-I thought Mr. Rochester was crazy. What a weirdo! Mr. Rochester with all his mood-swings, eccentric behavior, making Jane want to crawl under a rock (I did anyway, Jane's got bigger shoulders than I do) when prissy, mean-hearted Ms. Ingram stayed at Thornfield and made Jane feel even more insignificant than she already did. Note: I wanted to reach into the pages, throw a chocolate pie in Ms. Ingram's face while shoving her down in a mud hole face first.
Exhibit A: Mr. Rochester was a wounded dog-bit by the monster of materialistic women who wanted him for nothing but the contents of his bank account. Exhibit B: He was trying to make Jane jealous. Petty, I know, but how sweet in a bizarre kind of way. Exhibit C: He was already married to a psycho who tried setting him on fire every other day. Tsk, tsk...but really! Can you blame him for wanting someone who at a minimum wasn't trying to kill him in his bed? Exhibit D: What REALLY sets Mr. Rochester apart from all the other swoon-worthy leading males, is that Jane was poor and plain (her own words), and he (while described as somewhat unattractive) was rich and worldly. He didn't fall in love with her great beauty, he fell in love with her modesty, her mind and her pointed honesty. This couple sure did go through a ring of tragedies, but the ending was such a payoff!
 Mr. Butler-It's a bit tough to pick Mr. Butler apart, because really, Scarlett was the jerk. With that said, Mr. Butler's southern charm/witty sarcasm really had a way of crawling underneath even the meanest southern belle's skin. He really could leave you speechless with his blase manners. Now, onto why we LOVE him.
Exhibit A: Mr. Butler covered up his admiration and love for Scarlett with his sharp tongue. Exhibit B: He loved kids. I mean...wow. Who doesn't love a handsome, seasoned and strong man that has a big soft spot for the kiddo's? Exhibit C: He didn't care about social status, stigma's, stereotypes or how the company he kept at times may have lowered his status to other more influential southern folk. You have to love a guy who stands up for the weaker kid. Remember how he and Mammy had this love-hate relationship? Exhibit D: Well, aside from him being incredibly hot, who doesn't love a bad boy who only wants to be loved in return?

I'll finish by briefly introducing Black Amaranth's two leading males who are very different from one another.
Michael Blackwell-Sweet, caring farm-boy who has Ally's best interests upper most in his mind at all times.
Marik-Dark, mysterious and sarcastic at times who also has Ally's best interests upper most in his mind.
The difference: When Black Amaranth is released, you'll have to read to find out which swoon-worthy leading male you'll end up rooting for!