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Monday, June 3, 2013

Part II: Swoon-Worthy YA Male Characters

By now I'm sure you can guess three of my all time favorite books. However, I am a YA author and thought it may be fitting to discuss some YA hunks that are swoon-worthy.
1.) Ethan Lawson Wate and Wesley "Link" Lincoln of the Beautiful Creatures series. Sorry, but both happen to share the same series and there are four books...plenty of writing space for these two best friends to shine in a different swoon-worthy way. Ethan converts from former jock into a now Emo-girl-crazy YA hero. Polished southern manners in today's adolescent is admirable and rare, so for me Ethan is the one! Now onto his best friend Link. Ah...poor Link: goofy, awkward and hormone crazed Link. I loved watching him grow from his teenager failures into the most awesome geeky hero of all. No luck with the ladies, horrible garage band and a fanatical religious freak of a mother. And then fate intervenes and he forms into this dark paranormal being, but he keeps his sweet, thoughtful and unpolished southern charm. These two poor Caster-smitten fools, but these YA boys rock!
2.) Jace Wayland of The Mortal Instruments series. Jace had this rough around the edges image covering the long buried feelings of no real family and the sense of loss it created. Who doesn't love a bad boy who deep down is soft and sensitive? What was truly amazing about Cassandra Clare's writing, is that at the end of book one (I'm really not creepy) I didn't care that Clary and Jace were possibly brother and sister. I found myself trying to justify why it would have been okay for them to be together. I know, I know....But Jace was that much of a YA swoon-worthy male. That should be telling enough!
Stay tuned for Part III. I'll be posting on more swoon-worthy YA leading males....