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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Part III: Swoon-Worthy YA Male Characters

This is certainly turning out to be a topic that I revisit again and again. There are so many YA swoon-worthy male characters, it's too hard to sum them up all on one list. Check back periodically to see who is the latest on the list!

Heath Luck of the House of Night Series: When I think of Heath all I can do is smile and just sigh. What a sweet goofball. We watch Heath evolve as a leading YA man. He starts the series as Joey's human ex-boyfriend and ends up....I guess you should probably read to find out all the details. But something I love about Heath is how regardless of Zoey's supernatural status, he was never intimidated by it and in many ways, Heath is the truest friend/boyfriend she's ever had. There's something sweet about growing up with someone and then growing together towards adulthood, and these two certainly defined all that.
John Smith of I Am Number Four: The fact Number 4 is an alien really is a minor detail parents should overlook. I mean I wouldn't mind a son-in-law whose hands I could use for night lights, especially for late night reading! Alien or not, John Smith is swoon-worthy. Not only has this YA male, err, alien, left his destroyed planet for a new home on earth, but he can't even get a break there...he's constantly on the run from freakish looking aliens who've never been to a dentist a day in their life! But swoon-worthy John Smith doesn't need a brick and mortar home, he finds a home in the heart of small town girl, human girl, Sarah. What more do I need to say?
Jacob Black of the Twilight series: Come on people! Jacob Black is such an obvious choice. I'm not a team Edward vs team Jacob kind of gal, I'm more like a team Jacward girl. But Edward didn't make the YA list simply because while he's frozen at the age of 17, in reality (hey, to me it's real) he's pushing nursing home material. On to Jacob. I get warm sensations in my heart when I think of him. A friend unconditionally and always playing second fiddle with that warm, charming smile although we know he's bleeding inwardly. Who doesn't want to nurse a wounded heart like Jacob's? I know I did the whole time I read the series. I wanted to wrap my arms around Jacob and tell him it would be okay, maybe he would imprint on me, and then of course I asked him to flex...hey someone has to assess for injuries other than a broken heart!
Stay tuned for more swoon-worthy YA males....