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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Makes a Good Series?

While writing my Young Adult series, The Vulcan Legacies, book 1: Black Amaranth, I instantly knew the entire story couldn't be told in one book. I had to have three books at a minimum to tell not just the main character's journey, but that of all the characters. Something I love about series is meeting new characters or finding out the back story of one of your favorites. It compels us to read further, to chew our nails in anticipation, to count down to the release of the next installment. I found while writing my series, there were some characters that played minor roles, but I became fascinated by them. I wanted to know more about them. How did they get to the point they are now? Why are they reserved, bitter or disillusioned? Do they have a happy ending? Will their fate change? How do they tie in with the main characters? Below are some of my favorite series, YA and Adult:

 What are some of your favorite YA and Adult series to read?