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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Part II: What Makes a Good Series?

Growing up, I read so many books that when at the end, I found myself wanting more. I would frantically turn the last few pages back and forth, scratch at the back cover, wishing that this practice would somehow produce more of the story. Of course, it never did and I felt cheated somehow. Like how could the author be so selfish as to actually deliver an ending?

And then the idea of reading a series was introduced to me and I finally found literary true love! While I enjoy a stand alone book, a good old series is where it's at for me. Don't get me wrong, the conclusion of a series is still a bit of a struggle (Stephanie Myer: I'm sure no one is interested in finding out how Jacob and Nessie grow as a couple, or if poor Leah ever finds someone to love, don't even get me started, etc.) but instead of eating an appetizer, I feel as though I've eaten a full course meal. The first book allows me to sample all the characters and the rest of the meal allows me to taste and enjoy all the flavorful characters.

So, what makes a good series? The leading guy and gal, no question, but their friends, their family, their enemies....When Black Amaranth is released I will be at liberty to talk more. But I can say that while I certainly have a leading guy and gal, I introduce the reader to several folks and I can't wait for readers to get to know them all. They all have stories, some tragic, some hopeful, some that leave you chewing on the end of your nails....You'll cheer for some, hate a few and sigh in delight for others. It's strange too, how in a series, we sometimes stumble across a character that steals the show. I have a few of those as well. Stay tuned for Part III.