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Friday, June 14, 2013

Part III: What Makes A Good Series?

1.) Strong character building: A great series has a buffet of characters, that way it allows us to sample a variety of distinct personalities. I love to read about the shy girl who turns into the brave heroine, or the bitchy girl who ends up being not so bitchy after all, or how the villain became the evil person they are now. The key is to ensure that each character, regardless of their personality, is relatable. Haven't we all played those parts in our own lives? It's fun reading, taking a mental note and saying, "I could see me doing that," or "Been there before." Characters should evoke empathy from us, they should make us cringe we they're in an awkward situation and they should interact in such a way (yes, even if it's paranormal) that we believe in their dialogue.

2.) World-creating: Most of the novels I read have a paranormal or supernatural element to them. In this scenario, anything goes, everything is possible and reading is so fun because you can live in worlds that of course, don't exist. It makes reading exciting and as an author, you don't have to worry about factual technicalities...it's fictional which creates endless possibilities. Who cares if it's an alternate universe or some place that geographically doesn't exist? I say all the better! I want to read and write about those places we imagine and make come alive on the pages of a book. When reading a series, I want to visit a place that you can't book a flight to, that you have to read in order to experience it.

3.) The finale: Only a series can deliver a finale so strong and colossal that it takes you at least three books to get there, and when you do...you are breathless! Stand alone novels are excellent and I've read hundreds of them. However, when I'm finished, I am generally content with the book as a whole, but when I've finished a series I find my mind reliving each part of the long traveled journey, amazed to be at the end and leaving such an exhilarating impression, I instantly want to rush to the book store in the hopes of stumbling upon another great series.