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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Part I: Awesome YA Female Characters

If you've been reading my blog then you've probably figured out Jane Eyre is not only my favorite book of all time, but Jane Eyre herself is my favorite character of all time. While Jane Eyre is a literary classic, it certainly is not labeled as YA Fiction. But Jane Eyre herself was a YA. So I have to at least dedicate a few lines to her before starting my list of awesome YA Female Characters. Before the age of 20, this chick survived the death of her parents, temporarily living with a pack of snobby brats/bitchy aunt only to move into an orphanage ran by an evil religious fanatic where her only friend ends up dying, and then onto Thornfield Hall where she's bizarrely courted by a wannabe polygamist. Oh, and she could speak French. Jane Eyre is as tough as they come!

1.) Lena Duchannes: This dark, Gothic YA female rocks! Not only does she have the worst family reunions (I can relate with that on so many levels) but she has the perfect set of eyes. Oh, and her main squeeze has all the cute charm of a good southern raised boy, accent included! Throughout the Caster Chronicles, Lena's faced with family sacrifices, choosing between good and evil, and never giving up on true love-even when her true love is cold and without a beating heart.

2.) Ridley Duchannes: Ridley doesn't get enough credit. There is something more special about dark turning light vs being naturally good. Throughout the series, I watched Ridley go from selling out her own family to save her dark Caster skin to fighting against darkness that she had no real control over and turning out to be good. I mean, it's kind of like having a congenital disease. Ridley couldn't help how the dark claimed her but somehow she persevered and overcame it with a cure all of her own. And finally she gave Link the time of day, which added several points in my book!
 3.) Olivia "Liv" Durand: We meet Liv in Beautiful Darkness, the sequel to Beautiful Creatures. As much as I enjoyed the entire series, I actually sat outside in a cheap blue lawn chair for an entire day reading this one. I couldn't budge I was so hooked. Liv is the girl next door who picked up Ethan's broken heart and pieced it back together. Liv was also the Hermione of the Caster Chronicles. Liv is smart, pretty, humble and she's a Led Zeppelin fan. Liv has all the defining characteristics to make her an awesome YA female character.
 Stay tuned for Part II!