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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Part II: Awesome YA Female Characters

I should have blogged about my awesome YA female characters first, but I'm still in Black-Amaranth-hasn't-been-released-yet mode. As the release date approaches I'll be blogging more about my characters. Tonight, I'll start with a lineup of the leading females.

1.) Ally Watson: Ally has a pretty big secret, one that threatens to destroy the world or save it. I was emotionally charged to relay the struggles of being a teenager, meeting and overcoming adversity at such a crucial age, and the joys and sorrows of young love through Ally's voice. It was a roller coaster journey telling Ally's story. Living a life of obscurity, harboring secrets, striving for normalcy, wanting to taste life outside the cage you were raised in and discovering love for the first time were all joyous and painful elements to write through Ally's eyes. Of course my leading lady would be my favorite gal. Black Amaranth is written from Ally's POV, and so through her, I discovered all the above mentioned things. I'm excited to introduce her to the world of YA fiction, but for me, Ally Watson is real and she is one awesome YA female character!
2.) Jessica Howels: Jessica is Ally's best friend. They've been pretty tight since kindergarten. Jessica has several fabulous traits that make her a leading lady. Normally on the shy side, Jessica doesn't back down when Ally is up against some troubled waters. It's always refreshing to watch someone come out of their shell and to read the circumstances leading up to it. We get to see that with Jessica and a bit of a love/hate relationship in the most unexpected way. I loved writing about Jessica's struggles to understand herself and how one would adapt to some seriously uncomfortable situations.
3.) Brandi Fraiser: Brandi is not just a bitch. She is the bitch. Rich, beautiful, popular, and oozing superb bitchiness, Brandi is unstoppable and the sole source of Ally's nonexistent social life. Brandi ruled Mitchell High with an iron fist, or more directly, ruled with a legion of cheerleader minions. After graduation, Brandi is thrust into a world where she and Ally are tied together by more than their mutual hate of each other. Sometimes you can't judge a book by its cover. Even the most outwardly confident girls can be insecure on the inside.
Stay tuned for Part III: Awesome YA Female Characters!