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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Evernight Teen's 1st Birthday Celebration!

Evernight Teen Publishing turned 1 this month! To kick off the celebration, ET is giving away a grand prize of $100.00 iTunes gift card. It doesn't stop there...the main ET site will be offering 25% off all titles starting 1/24-1/31. Want something more, you say? Well hop along all week to see what us authors have in store for you, too! 

In addition to the above, I'll be offering some prizes of my own. First, for a chance at the $100.00 iTunes GC, look for the raffle copter below (you'll be directed to the ET blog to enter using the rafflecopter). 

What prizes do I have to give away, you ask? 

1.) One $20.00 gift card to Amazon
2.) One $15.00 gift card to Amazon 
3.) One $10.00 gift card to Amazon 

In order to win the prizes above, you must do the following: 

For a chance at the Amazon gift cards, (one winner per card) you must sign up on my blog ("join this site" tab to the right) + answer the questions below. You can find the answers within the post below. At the end of the hop, I will announce the winners on my blog. Check back on Feb. 1st, 2014 to see who the winners are! 

Of course I'll be featuring my book, Black Amaranth, for this hop. I want to gush on my debut novel a bit. Read through and look for the questions below after. 

First, check out the beautiful cover of Black Amaranth: 

And a sneak peek at book 2, Black Abaddon, slated for release around March 2014: 

Black Amaranth is the first in a new YA paranormal series. It has all the essential ingredients that go together to make a great recipe: mystery, love, betrayal, etc. The main character, Ally Watson, is the center of Black Amaranth. She's unique in ways unknown to her until tragedy forces her to face a destiny so terrifying, it puts friendships to the ultimate test in a battle against good and evil.  
Black Amaranth begins in Snow Creek, NC. As we progress through the novel, Ally and her three best friends, Jessica, Dave, and Michael, find themselves in Gypsy-land, Georgia, where they encounter supernatural forces that are willing to help Ally in her quest to save the world. 

Having always loved the Deep South, I couldn't wait to write a series where the setting took place there, surrounded by live oaks festooned in Spanish moss, the hot climate, the enchantment...sigh!

Ally learns to love and let go, trials she must pass in order to become who she is destined to be. When she meets handsome, alluring Marik, Vampire prince of his nation, things get confusing as light is shed on subjects long hidden from her. Will she choose a new love, fires raging creating a deep inferno in her heart, or will the embers of an old flame still hold some spark?

You'll have to read to find out!

And now a little bit about the sequel, Black Abaddon. I'll have to keep a tight lip about book 2 as it hasn't been released yet, but...maybe a little tidbit wouldn't hurt...

Black Abaddon continues with the same characters we loved in the first one. Of course Black Amaranth left off with a stunning cliffhanger. How could I possibly leave things there? Because everything I do serves a purpose. I know it might be hard to see, but hang in there, you'll find out soon enough. The end is the beginning. Things must come full circle and in order to complete that, my characters must undergo some serious trials and tribulations. Black Abaddon is considerably darker than the first. The only other thing I will say about Black Abaddon is I PROMISE the ending will leave you feeling one of these scenarios:

1.) Crying
2.) Throwing the book across the room
3.) Praising the heavens
4.) In shock and in need of medical attention
5.) Completely breathless and in need of the third ASAP

While here, check out the "meet the Vulcan Legacies characters" to get little snippets from my novels.

Okay, okay...here's the questions. Remember, in order to win my prizes (Amazon gift cards) you must answer the following + sign up/join my blog. Please either leave your email address or use the contact form at the bottom to send it to me privately. The winners will be selected randomly and I'll post the winners on Feb. 1st.

1.) Who is the "Vampire prince of his nation"?

2.) What area have I always loved?

3.) What is the name of the second book in The Vulcan Legacies series?

Have fun and good luck. Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter below (On the ET blog) for a chance at the $100.00 iTunes gift card.

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One more teaser from Black Abaddon: