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Friday, January 31, 2014

Share The Love Blog Hop

Welcome to Share The Love Blog Hop! 73 Bloggers have joined together for 2 weeks worth of sharing the love for some of our favorite authors, book bloggers, reviewers, sites, etc. I'm super excited about this hop for a few reasons: 1.) This is my 50th blog post, how fitting to give back some of the love shown to me! 2.) What a great way to show some appreciation and help promote some very deserving authors and some amazing sites! 3.) Isn't it always better to give than receive?

I want to share the love by offering some pretty cool prizes. Up for grabs: Drum roll please.......

1.) $25.00 Evernight Teen Gift Card

2.) $25.00 Evernight Teen Gift Card

3.) One signed copy of my debut novel, Black Amaranth

4.) One Kindle Gift copy of Black Amaranth

5.) And...perhaps I'll give away some of the awesome books featured for this hop (Kindle Gifts)....

Okay, how do you win these prizes? Well, it's simple. I'm sharing the love with some of my favs, so that's exactly what I want you to do. Below I'll be posting my favorite reads/authors, sites, blogs, reviewers. I'll have links to each of their websites, buy links, GR sites, FB pages, etc. Go to what's available for that specific author or site/s and sign up/join their site, like their FB pages, follow on Twitter, go crazy!

While you're here, feel free to peruse my own site and check on my books, upcoming releases, join my site, follow up Twitter, whatever:) While following me is always appreciated, it's not a requirement to win the prizes. But you must like and share the love for the below and please leave me a comment indicating that you did. That's it. Simple. Read, follow or join the below, leave me a comment telling me you did so and on Feb. 15th I'll notify all winners and post to my blog. Thanks for stopping by!  Without further ado, here's my main squeezes:

1.) Evernight Teen:
Why do I love Evernight Teen? Well, they are AWESOME! They gave birth to my beautiful novels and have an amazing array of killer Teen titles. I joined the ET family in April 2013 and have been warmly embraced by a vast writing community with open arms. Not only does Evernight Teen have
hops and giveaways periodically throughout the year, but they frequently post interviews, share author advice...just to name a few of the reasons why I love them so much. So, here's to Evernight Teen Publishing! Visit their blog and "join this site". Tab will be on the right side. Check out their FB page and like it up! Browse their website filled with amazing Teen titles and news on upcoming releases!
Evernight Teen Blog Here: ET Blog
Evernight Teen Website:  Website
Evernight Teen FB page:  FB page
Evernight Teen Twitter Page:  Twitter
2.) Book Passion For Life:  
Once you check out BPFL you'll see quickly why their site is the bees knees! Not only is it dazzling gorgeous, but their site brings you the latest on the most amazing books, interviews, reviews, giveaways....you name it, BPFL has pretty much every aspect of "all things books" covered. Plus a big gigantic heart for them taking the time to review my own novel, Black Amaranth. Sending hugs to the awesome trio running Book Passion For Life, Jessica, Donna, and Mel! Love 'em up folks! BPFL Rocks!
Book Passion For Life Website: Blog
Book Passion For Life FB page: FB page
Book Passion For Life Twitter: Twitter
3.) Nocturnal Predator Reviews: 
Why do I love Nocturnal Predator Reviews? Because the site is awesomeness and delicious! Reader, reviewer, blogger extraordinaire, Mikky, is not only funny, but she runs a site filled with news on the latest releases, cover reveals, awesome and in depth reviews, giveaways, etc. Check out Nocturnal Predator Reviews and see why it's awesome-sauce!
Nocturnal Predator Reviews Website: Website   
Nocturnal Predator Reviews FB page: FB page
Nocturnal Predator Reviews Twitter: Twitter
Now, onto some amazing authors. I love these gals! They are amazing. Their talent is mind-blowing, their stories stick with you, and I want to share the love with you guys!
1.) Diana Stager, YA author of X5   

Diana Stager's stunning YA novel was released in 2013. X5 is everything that is top notch YA supernatural with Science Fiction throughout. I adored X5 and cannot wait to get more. Diana is an author to watch out for. X5 will not disappoint. GET. IT. NOW!
Diana Stager's Website:  Website
Diana Stager's FB page:  FB page
Diana Stager's Twitter page: Twitter
X5 on Goodreads:  GR
Amazon: Buy it now!
2.) M. Kircher, Amazon Bestselling YA author of The War Inside

The War Inside was truly an amazing YA Dystopian novel that I loved. It was thrilling from the first pages and as the first in a trilogy, it left me wanting the second installment ASAP. M. Kircher is super cool and one of the reasons I want to share the love with her and her novels is in the very first weeks of my new role as a debut author, M. Kircher reached out to me and shared the love! So I want to return the favor. Check out her books and see why she is an Amazon Bestselling Author!
M. Kircher Website: Website
M. Kircher FB Page: FB page
M. Kircher Twitter: Twitter
The War Inside on Goodreads: Add it on GR
The War Inside on Amazon: Buy it now!
3.) V.C. Repetto, YA Author of my favorite Dystopian novel, The Tearings
Why do I want to share the love with Ms. Repetto? Good grief, look at the cover! What else do I need to say? This new dystopian YA novel was riveting and it made me cry (I kid you not). The Tearings is simply amazing, stunning, well written, I could go on and on. Do yourself a favor. If you're a fan of YA Dystopian, The Tearings is one to get. RIGHT. NOW!
V.C. Repetto's Website: Website
V.C. Repetto's FB Page: FB page
V. C. Repetto's Twitter: Twitter
The Tearings on Goodreads: Add it on GR
The Tearings on Amazon: Buy it now!
4.) Stephanie Lawton Author of NA novel, Shelf Life

Oh where do I begin with Stephanie Lawton? Well, Shelf Life was my first read from this incredible author, but seeing that she has 3 other novels out, I would bet (they are on my TBR list) they (Shrapnel, Want, and Need) are just as amazing as Shelf Life. What a beautiful NA novel. It sucked me in, kept my fingers flipping fast on my Kindle screen, and I'm eagerly anticipating the next in this series. What a wonderful story by a stunning author. Ms. Lawton's writing is perfection on a page!
Stephanie Lawton's Website: Website
Stephanie Lawton's FB Page: FB Page
Stephanie Lawton's Twitter: Twitter
Shelf Life on Goodreads: Add it on GR
Shelf Life on Amazon: Buy it now!
Okay folks! That's a wrap. This will be up for 14 days, plenty of time to share the love. Like them up! Love them up! Share them up! Get the word out. Please don't forget to join their site/s, like their FB pages, follow on Twitter, add to GR, and leave me a comment telling me you did so for your chance at the awesome prizes listed above. You can leave your email address in your comment or send to me privately using the contact form below. All winners will be notified on the 15th or shortly after.
Have fun, share the love and next hop is here: Next blog