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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Review of Fury: Episode 2 Book 1 of The Cure by Charlotte McConaghy

Book Description:

Scared of her growing feelings for Luke, Josi strikes out on her own, determined never to get close to another living soul. A desperate fear is kindling inside her—a fear of the intimacy Luke craves, and a fear of her own terrible past and the trail of murders she has left in her wake.

Despite the danger, Luke is drawn to Josi, and is determined to discover the truth about her fury despite the risks. Luke knows that Josi will be hunted by the Bloods—the secret police who slaughter anyone who hasn't been cured.

Is Josi's fury enough to keep her alive? And will the deadly secret Luke is keeping from her be discovered? It is a secret he has fought to protect—lied to protect. A secret that could destroy them both if discovered ...

My Review: 5 HUGE STARS! Fury is what beautifully crafted books are made of!

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Late at night after finishing Episode 2, I sat up and thought of this one line, these words woven together so beautifully, and they meant something to me. This sentence struck a cord deep in my heart. This one sentence can be applied to so many things in life and going forward I will remember it.

Fury: Episode 2 (Book One of The Cure) by Charlotte McConaghy, is simply breathtaking.

In Episode 2 we find out more about Josi, Luke, and Anthony. The plot and pace of the story is pieced together flawlessly.

Finding out who Luke truly is only added to the intensity of the story. I do not want to write any spoilers as Fury is a novel worth reading and experiencing on your own. It was emotional and greatly added to my love and appreciation for how the author placed Luke in a situation where he would have to either go down the path of duty and obligation, or walk down the lonely road of following your heart and fighting a corrupted system. Luke is so very dear in my eyes...

As I read from Anthony's POV, it was a joy to watch him grow, to see him begin to grasp what was transpiring all around him, that while he has been "cured" he can still grasp logic and strive for the man he might have been prior to receiving the cure.

And Josi...to read from her POV was like being there with her, traveling with her on this perilous journey to prevent the loss of more lives than she has already taken when transitioning under the blood moon. There was genuine anguish at the thought of her being unable to control herself. Josi has known no kindness in her life until Luke finds her, and given Josi's back story (history of abusiveness, no parental love, etc.) Luke's love for Josi is simply beautiful, written in such a way that makes the reader want to have some faith in humanity, that not all is lost.

Episode 2 was every bit as powerful and thought provoking as Episode 1. I am now and forever a fan of Ms. McConaghy. I cannot recommend Fury enough. Reading Fury was much like reading perfection on a page.

My review of Episode 3 will be posted soon. Also, in the very near future, I have been given the opportunity to interview Ms. McConaghy and am super excited to share. Coming soon...

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