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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review of Fury: Book One of The Cure, Episode 3 by Charlotte McConaghy

Title: Fury: Book One Of The Cure, Episode 3
By: Charlotte McConaghy
Publisher: Momentum Publishing
Genre: Dystopian
Length: 115 pages


I also have no idea how long it will be until Josi changes. But the reality hits as the sound of the raging guns go quiet and everything within this room goes still.

We're locked inside a room with a ticking time bomb.

She is worse than everything we just escaped.

The night of the blood moon is upon her. Josi must face the coldness inside—the bloodthirsty darkness that kills with tremendous strength and no thought.

Luke has one last chance to save her from certain death. But guilt is a heavy weight on his soul, and if he is ever to find redemption—and love—then the truth of his identity must come out.

Will Josi ever be able to forgive his lies? Will she find the strength to fight the darkness inside? And will she survive long enough to do the impossible—join the Resistance, and destroy the Cure once and for all?

In the final episode of Fury questions are answered, battles won and lost, and love put through the greatest of all tests. 

My Review: I gave this last episode 5 stars, but I would give it an "Epic" status!

““I’d burn the whole world down if I could,” he whispers, his eyes flashing with a bright, exhilarating fever. “I’d make it so that there was no cure, no censorship, no propaganda, nothing but you and I.”
And this is when I understand the truth, the one truth that means anything.
They cannot take my fury from me, but I can let it go, because there are more important things in life.”

Aldous Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD and Veronica Roth’s DIVERGENT produced a literary love child and her name is Josephine Luquet, and she is full of passion, power, and fury. And while Fury is of the same flesh and blood as the Dystopian societies created by Mr. Huxley and Ms. Roth, this is Josephine’s story, and she stands strong.

Having now read all three Episodes of Fury: Book One Of The Cure, by Charlotte McConaghy, I can now say with absolute certainty, Fury, is among those precious few novels that reside in my heart now and forevermore long after turning the last page.

In this last episode, the reader delves deeper into the world created, learning more regarding the history of Josi, how she was manipulated into what she becomes every year during the blood moon, and those responsible for her creation. Those parts are chilling and haunting. Josi, Anthony, Luke, and Dr. Ben Collingsworth shine throughout this episode.

Josi: the heroine trying desperately to seclude herself from others for fear of killing and having to live yet again, with the stains of murder on her soul. Josi is uncured and able to feel emotions. Being surrounded in a world filled with cured humans also known as drones, intensifies Josi’s desperation to align herself with individuals she believes deep in her heart exist, to join a cause where others like her can join together and fight against the heavy hand the cure has dealt upon the world. Amongst this, Josi finds love and reading her dreams of the future, one filled with love, with children, with emotions…was tender and emotional. I can see her, near black hair swirling around her face, her eyes focused ahead, looking into the future, a dream where she and Luke have children and they can experience the pains and joys of loving, raising a family, growing old together, and I wanted it for her, I wanted Josi to be able to grab hold of that carrot dangling in front of her face, but in Fury, that dream is always mere inches away, so close and yet so far away.

Luke: the hero running from his past for fear it could damage his future. Luke is an Agent, a Blood, working for the very individuals that oversee the administration of the cure and the demise of any who oppose it. Luke’s character is heart wrenching to read. In meeting his family and learning his own history, I only felt that much more connected to him. His plight breaks my heart. Luke finds himself in a situation where he must decide to take a stand against the evil he’s worked for his entire life, or risk everything for love. The type of Agent he is has spared Luke the fate of being injected with the cure. Luke is able to feel love, loss, pain, joy…and Josi evokes those feelings in him, she gives him courage to go against the Bloods and join in a hope that there is a different future awaiting them, one worth fighting for, because a life without love is a life not worth living.

Anthony: the psychiatrist who is cured and yet through the fog and haze the cure instills, is able to fight his way through his minds prison and understand that his emotions should have never been stolen from him. Anthony is a winner and serves to remind us that sometimes salvation and kindness can come from the most unexpected places. I will never look at birds the same…they will always remind me of that little girl and her mother, that family the cure stole from a man who deserved so much more.

Dr. Ben Collingsworth: the Scientist who designed the cure with good intentions. In many ways, I empathized most with Dr. Collingsworth. I felt for his character. I could easily visualize a young man on the verge of a medical breakthrough so profound the possibility of it seemed to hold all the answers. I truly believed his intentions had a pure basis and over time had produce a world he never intended. And to live with regret over his creation and the horrific results it produced…

Amazon and Goodreads allow me, as a reviewer, to give 5 stars, indicating that I loved this novel. And while I do, I feel that it limits me, forces me to categorize this novel when Fury is in a league all its own. Trying to measure the greatest of a book in a number of stars is difficult when I would give Fury the galaxy, a universe designed only for those rare books deserving of such accolades.

Ms. McConaghy writes a novel strong enough to remind us that pleasure is meaningless without pain, that sorrow is balanced with happiness, and that pain can be overcome with love. It’s the array of emotions that come together in a kaleidoscope of color to overpower an otherwise gray world. Fury is a gripping novel that explores the human emotion at its finest. To read the world created by Ms. McConaghy was exhilarating, powerful and thought provoking…a true literary masterpiece. 

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