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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

General News and Goals for 2015

I've taken a long break from writing and have been attempting to get back in the saddle, or at least my chair/computer desk.

I've started on a YA Contemporary Romance and am 3 chapters in. I've got this one planned out and am excited about it.

Recently I started on a YA Dystopian novel and am still working out the details in my head. I wrote the jacket cover first and am working from that. That is a first for me, but I guess you go with what comes to you and not so much how it does. I was driving home from work and literally within 5 minutes the back cover (which is something I struggle with writing after I have a completed manuscript, not before) came to me. Here's a preview:

Nothing is what it seems.



Everything was perfectly clear to me.

The height of the 21st century was defined by technology. Social media was at its peak. Virtual realities replaced our way of life. Society forgot how to communicate in person, how to interact, how to live without computers. Technology was invented by man and inevitably replaced man.

My father kept me away from the trend in humanity so that I may keep mine. I was taught tradition, culture, history, so that one day I might help the world to remember what they had lost at the hands of Dr. Hunt, the genius responsible for the technology savvy world of yesterday.  

Prior to the Collapse, Dr. Hunt had one last invention he placed all his faith in to remedy his tragic mistake in the technology driven world he created.


A pharmaceutical concoction put me to sleep with a shelf life of one hundred years.

My name is Isiah Hunt. Dr. Hunt was my father and after a hundred year sleep I’ve never been more awake in my life. 
With the new year approaching (we'll see how this actually turns out :) I'm setting a goal to have 3 novels completed for 2015
  • YA Contemporary Romance
  • YA Dystopian
  • Book 4 in the Vulcan Legacies, Black Apocalypse
Here's to a new year and to accomplishing goals set. Also around the corner is my publishers birthday. To kick off a new year they along with an array of talented authors are participating in a blog hop where we'll be giving away some cool prizes including an iPad mini.