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Sunday, January 4, 2015


I'm terrible at keeping up with reviewing and blogging. I do try to randomly blog about some good reads. So here's a list of books I've recently read and reviewed. Thank you to the publishers and authors for sending! As an author I certainly know the pains (all too well) of obtaining reviews and trying to get the word spread.

This year I've introduced to serialization in novels. It's like an extended excerpt. The pros of this is that the reads are short so if you're pressed for time these kinds of novels work well. The cons to this (depending on how you perceive it) is that you are left wanting more. Momentum Publishing introduced this type of reading to me and as a consumer of books, I admit, when they sent me the first episode of FURY (one of my all time favorite books) I couldn't wait for them to send me the rest, so I went ahead and purchased the second episode. They caught me and indulged my impatience and sent me the rest of FURY before I purchased the rest (which was so good, I would've gladly bought the rest). At any rate, the VIRTUAL ARCANA is of the same type. Short, sweet, simple. So be warned there are more episodes out there and I highly enjoyed this first installment. 4 STARS. Here's a link to my review: GR Review

I have to admit, Entangled Teen is one of my favorite publishers to work with. I know when I receive a novel from them, 9 out of 10X, they are wonderful. The BOOK OF IVY was no exception. I loved talking (briefly on Twitter) with the Ms. Engel about her debut novel. It was one of those books that once I started I couldn't stop reading it. I loved the way it jumped right into the story. I get a bit bored of novels that take FOREVER to set the world up. I know there are those editors and readers who are of a different opinion and that's what makes the world of publishing diverse and probably why YA works best for me. 5 STARS. I'm waiting patiently Ms. Engel for the next installment:) Here's a link to my Goodreads review: GR Review

STOLEN MOON of the Light Chronicles (book 2) was a wonderful read. I had the privilege of reading Ms. Wheaton's other two novels and would highly recommend them as well. Plus, the covers are gorgeous!
5 STARS! Here's a link to my Goodreads review: GR Review

DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. I'll admit, when I checked out my review for this novel, I was a bit surprised by how short it is. Maybe a paragraph if that. It doesn't mean that I enjoyed the book any less, but I'd guess I wrote such a short review as this book has already garnered so much attention. I try to promote works from smaller presses simply because they get little attention and marketing for indie presses and smaller publishers is so much for painstaking than with a big NY house. That's not speaking to the quality of the book. A good book is a good book regardless of whether it's with a big publisher or a small publisher. I'm only speaking to the fact that the same resources are not available to a smaller press vs a larger one. With all that out of the way, I gave this novel 4 stars and I will say this, I will NEVER look at teeth or bones in the same light. While I was reading this, I kept thinking, "What in the hell is the deal with all this teeth business?" And when I found out....well, here's my Goodreads review: GR Review

I enjoyed all the books above and more. As I said before, I'm not very prompt with blogging about books I've read. I try to be diligent about Tweeting and posting reviews to GR and Amazon. Some of the books I'm anticipating for this year would definitely include The Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole. It comes out in a few days and I'm nearly beside myself waiting.

Also this year, I'm still sticking with my goal of writing 3 novels this year. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!