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Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 days left until Black Apocalypse releases!

5 days... Ticktock, ticktock. It's crazy to me that something I started so long ago will, in 5 days, be at an end. There's an equal amount of happiness and sadness.

On yesterdays post I introduced the concept for Black Amaranth, some of the characters and shared some pictures of the locations Black Amaranth takes place in.

To recap: Watcher Seraph, Samyaza longs for a relationship which gets him booted from the Gates. Free at last to love, he meets rejection, acts rashly which leads to a more severe punishment which leads us to his present day descendant, Ally Watson. She picks up the pieces, runs with it, learns and loses a great deal herself.

On to book 2, Black Abaddon.

If you've read the first, you know at the end my goal was to rip your ever-loving heart out. Real life does work its way into my novels. But the great thing about fiction (especially supernatural fiction) is you can do anything you want. In Black Abaddon, my hope was to portray Ally going through the motions of her poor choices, feeling the consequences and ultimately turning a serious negative into a positive. And I do have to mention here that the end of Black Abaddon was one of the first scenes I had worked out in my head before I ever wrote a single word of this series. So, the end of this second book means the world to me.

In Black Abaddon one of the primary characters is Marik, King Vladamant's son, slighted heir to the throne of the Nosferatu Nation. I loved portraying him as a villain in the first book to then in the second, reveal his true nature. Book 2 was hard to write. It is full of sadness. Having lost my brother in real life played a huge factor in the feel of the book.

Marik takes Ally to the Twisted Forest, the place of his birth and a place where it was only him and his cast off mother for years until he became the man he was destined to become. While the Twisted Forest is a fictional place, there is a remote area near my home that you have to ride a canoe to access. It's beautiful and full of twisted grape vines, and gnarled trees. Again, it just looks haunted. Here's a picture of my Twisted Forest.

Until tomorrow....