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Monday, August 31, 2015

4 Days Left and Trying Not To Hyperventilate!

The countdown to Black Apocalypse continues! Before picking up where I left off yesterday, I received some exciting news from my publisher this morning. Yay! *Runs around screaming*

The first three books (Black Amaranth, Black Abaddon, Black Atonement) are all on sale right this very moment for $0.99 each or $2.97 for all three! If you know any YA PNR lovers, this would make a great gift. Come on people, it costs less than a 'Thank You' card!

Here's a link: AMAZON/BUY NOW!!!!!!!

Okay, so I'm calm now.

Let's recap from the previous posts: Samyaza/Vulcan breaks the rules. He's punished. Severely. He pays the price, but this also extends to his one female descendant, Ally Watson. Ally has very limited time to assimilate what in the hell is going on. She has so much thrust on her that she does the whole history-repeats-itself thing. She's punished as well, but through the years, the Authority has grown lonely and softens up a bit. That kind of thing can happen when you sentence your kid to a volcano for a couple thousand years. So, Ally gets another shot.... kind of.

In book 2 I go more into the people-aren't-who-you-think-they-are department. I threw in some HUGE surprises, mixed in some twists, sprinkled some OMG moments in there, and baked it for about thirty minutes on 450 and bam! Black Abaddon was born.

Now onto book 3, Black Atonement. Sigh. I cannot say Black Atonement is my favorite book, but it was unintended. When I envisioned this series I knew for sure it would be a trilogy. As a reader I don't like to be strung along. However, there is a complete bitch of a character that stole her way into my heart. Brandi freakin' Frasier. Hate her. Love her. And from what I can tell from the reviews, I think readers would agree. Half way through writing the second book Brandi's character really spoke to me, or her actions anyway. I had to tell her story. After needing so BAD to fix this broken bitch of a lady, Black Atonement was born.

For Black Atonement to be unplanned, it was the easiest one for me to write. Brandi is beautifully flawed and I think the reason why I could write her story is that she is so relatable. We all make mistakes. Some small and some BIG. In my experience, we punish ourselves worse than anyone else ever could. And for Brandi, I didn't want to focus so much on her mistakes (although I lay them all out on the table for everyone to see), but the steps and journey she took to correct them. Hence the title :)

I also enjoyed writing the most unexpected thing: her love interest. David Howles. In the first book I establish their mutual hate of each other. So, yeah. It was fun having the two of them go at it like cats and dogs only to show that opposites really do attract.

Black Atonement was published last September. I took a bit of a hiatus from writing and feel bad it's taken me so long to get the conclusion out into the world. But I had to take time to map out how the series would end. I needed to wrap it all up.

Let me tell you something... I LOVE series, reading them that is. But writing one is HARD. You have to go back through again and again to make sure you answered all the questions you raised and make sure that you actually answered them somewhere other than in your head.

And here's one of my favorite teaser pics of Brandi:

Tomorrow I'll talk about the 4th and final book, Black Apocalypse. I still can't believe I'm saying that. I can't believe it's the end! Or is it?

Until tomorrow.....