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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3 Days Left Until the Release of Black Apocalypse

Only 3 days? *Scream*

I'm not panicking. Really. I'm not. It amazes me at the length of time it takes to write a novel, edit it, send it off, get the email stating it will be published, edit it again, promote and then suddenly it's out there. The time zooms by. And now there are only three days left before my very last book in this series is out. It's finished. Done. Over.

The End.

I'll come to terms with it. Eventually.

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Let's recap from yesterday's post.

I've introduced you to Samyaza, Ally, Marik, Brandi and Dave. I've talked about some serious mistakes they all made.

The common theme here is we all make mistakes. The bigger picture is how we deal with the consequences of our actions, what we take away from the situations and how that shapes how we are going forward.

I've been intricately weaving a story together, and with Black Apocalypse it felt good to finally close it all up, answer all the questions.

What happens to Ally? To Michael? To Marik? Eli and Jessica?

I really put these characters through hell. In the first 3 I was just getting warmed up. The 4th book pushes them all to the breaking point.

I also told Black Apocalypse from Michael and Ally's point of view. It was time. And there are some scenes that will have you cheering for the both of them. The past has a such a huge bearing on the future. That's why it was so important to tell this story with past scenes.

Also in Black Apocalypse, I introduce the reader to Viola Blackwell, Michael's grandmother. I go into more depth about Laurel. She's had her hands on everything and it's time to finally meet her, understand her origins. *Oh shoot! Was that a spoiler?*

There is a battle. Remember, the first 3 has been leading up to this moment. Not everyone makes it out alive. You'll have to read to find out. In war, there are always causalities.  

But let's not focus too much on the grim side of things.

I want to talk about a character that I introduced in Black Atonement.

The witch, Abraham Rathbone, Coven leader. Dark. Suave. Devilish. I love this character. I expand on his character in the final installment. I want readers to get familiar with him. Why?

Black Apocalypse is the last book in this series. However, Abraham might be a new character to you, but he isn't to me.

After I wrote Black Amaranth (book 1), I started another manuscript. I have this fascination with the feuding Gypsies and witches introduced in book 1. I had time to introduce a few of those characters in the Vulcan Legacies, but not expand on them as much as I wanted. But when I wrote Abraham into the 3rd book, much like Brandi Fraiser, I knew I had to write his story. That he'd have to be a big part of all this.

After the conclusion of the Vulcan Legacies, I will resume writing the spin-off.

The series main character is Raven Ravenscraft. The name sound familiar? Raven is loosely related to the Ravenscraft sisters (Denaulda, Irini, and Griselda).

I've established the centuries old feud between witches and Gypsies. In this spin-off, you'll get to find out why. It's full of curses, lost loves, feuding covens and clans...

While the Vulcan Legacies is now complete, there is this spin off in the works and I'm not giving away any spoilers but I think you'll see what this has evolved to once you read the epilogue.