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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2 Days Until the Release of Black Apocalypse! Final Book!

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2 Days. OMG! That's it. All my hard work, four books later and it all comes down to 2 days. Bittersweet. I'm happy. I'm sad. Pardon the bad pun, but as one story ends, another begins. I'm closing this chapter out only to start a new one.

I've never attempted to write for an adult audience. However, at the end of Black Apocalypse, you'll be able to quickly ascertain that's where this is headed. I'm nervous. Excited. Scared.

Maybe it's that I wasn't truly ready to let these characters go. That and a combination of falling in love with so many other characters in this book.

I can't wait to talk about Gunari, Clan leader of the Gypsies.

Abraham Rathbone, Coven leader of the Witches.

Raven Ravenwood, a girl who rises up against all odds in the new spin-off series featuring the feuding clans and covens.

There are so many exciting things in the works!

But at the moment, I'm so excited for this last book. I hope you are too! Until tomorrow....