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Thursday, September 3, 2015

In The End....

There are literally hours left before the release of Black Apocalypse, my final project in the Vulcan Legacies series. I sit here and count them down as I have all week. It's strange. I've wondered what it would feel like while this was in mid-stage, at the end of a very long tale.

All I can say is that it is over. Four books that I am very proud of, too many characters to count, and a sense of completeness. I set out to tell the story of a girl named Ally Watson, and she brought so many people with her.

I am not parting ways with my characters, but rather it is time for them now to evolve. I'm excited to start the adult Vulcan Legacies.

Yesterdays post I went into the publication part of this series, its birth. I feel with each I have evolved as a writer. And I hope to continue down that path, that each word will be sharper, each story a little more cutting edge than the last.

I love YA. There is something about the innocence that lures me. These characters are like my babies. I've watched them mess up, watched them fall, watched them get back up again. Is this how it feels when your child graduates? Perhaps? I don't know.

I thought about how I would complete this last post. Should I blow it up with teaser photos? Links? Excerpts?

But as I sit here watching the clock as though I'm going to turn into a pumpkin or something, I think I will end it by saying these few things:

  • Thank you to those of you who have bought and read my book! An even bigger thank you to those who have left reviews too! There is no greater way to thank an author. 
  • I hope that you've enjoyed this story. And I hope you are satisfied with its conclusion. 
  • I'm eternally grateful to Evernight Teen Publishing for rolling the dice and taking a gamble on me and my story. It's hard being the newbie. 
  • I have loads of bloggers and beta readers to thank for donating their time to help me spread the word. (I think they will find a little surprise in their books tomorrow)
  • Loss plays a huge factor in my novels. However grief does not dominate them. I painted a tale of loss and how the characters react to it. In real life I lost my parents and my brother which was devastating beyond words. My brother and mother knew of this series. I am saddened they never lived long enough to see it come to fruition. 
  • I am grateful to my husband for planting a seed and watering it. It took hold Tim. It grew and grew and grew. 
  • I'm grateful to my author family. The community has been incredible, welcoming, and supportive beyond anything I would've ever dreamed! 
And now I will leave you with the blurb for the very last book releasing tomorrow: 

Resurrected from the dead, Michael Blackwell is enraged and heartbroken to find Ally—the girl he loved—in the arms of the very man that killed him as a human. In Michael’s eyes Ally’s betrayal is absolute. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the man who killed Michael, and even more with the girl he thought he knew.

Told in alternating view points from both Michael and Ally, Black Apocalypse is a journey full of heartache and redemption where the past weaves an uncertain future. Can Michael forgive Ally for her betrayal? Can Ally finally embrace who she is destined to become to save them both? The world?

Who is the elusive Seraph, Laurel? Who was the Devourer before his colossal fall from grace? What decisions did they make together that altered the course of history? Shocking revelations, prophecies fulfilled, a war where not everyone will make it out alive, the final installment in the Vulcan Legacies will leave you breathless.

The End

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